Tuesday, December 6

Half price fuel this Christmas!

Dreading the long drives and paying for petrol this holiday season? There is a simple way to halve your fuel costs and break the boredom. coseats.com makes it easy to share your trip with travelers, backpackers and Aussies looking for a lift. This tried and tested method is currently experiencing a lot of popularity again due to rising petrol prices and travel costs.

If you have an image in your mind of a backpacker without a shower sticking his thumb out at the side of the road, think again. Thanks to CoSeats you can now find friendly and reliable passengers that allow you to save at least half on your fuel costs. While cost is a big factor for people wanting to carpool, there are many other reasons to chose to carpool on your next long distance journey. People use CoSeats for various other reasons including finding a co-driver, sharing stories and experiences, reducing their carbon footprint, or having a DJ by their side to fine tune their roadtrip playlist. If you're lucky you might even end up with some homemade cookies or other snacks. 

CoSeats is free and simple to use and gets you where you want to go at half the price. CoSeats is currently the most used platform for long distance carpooling in Australia and New Zealand but you can also use coseats.com to find passengers for your daily commute to and from work. The service has over 250,000 users.
As a driver, you can advertise your trips including any return trips and instantly get results. If you are unlucky you might have to wait a few days to find a match, but CoSeats will send you an email as soon as it finds someone going your way. Around Christmas time there are usually plenty of trips available on the main routes between the big cities. While trips between Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide are easier to find, you can also give lifts to passengers that don't intend to go the whole way. CoSeats will list anyone going roughly the same way as you, so if you are driving from Melbourne to Brisbane, you can also take passengers from Canberra, Sydney or anywhere else along the way. 
Costs are generally shared equally between the driver and passenger(s) but CoSeats leaves this  up to you and your passengers. The system makes it easy by suggesting a fair price per seat but please keep in mind that you are not allowed to make a profit on your trip. Carpooling is a cost sharing arrangement, not a for profit venture like other, more familiar inner city rideshare platforms like Uber. 
Carpooling brings a wide variety of people together. In order for such a journey to be pleasant for everyone, there are a few things to consider. Here are some tips:
  • Luggage: Be sure to talk in advance about the size of the backpacks, suitcases, surfboards, etc that you intend to take with you, so that everything will fit in the car.
  • Meeting points: Be open to suggestions for alternate meeting points, as long as the other person asks politely and they are close to your planned route.
  • Eating and drinking: If you do not want people to eat or drink during the journey, you have every right to say so - communicate this accordingly, but also allow for short stopovers on longer journeys.
  • Breaks: As a driver, you should clearly communicate at the outset whether you plan to take a fixed break or if you need to stop at any time to go to the toilet or stretch your legs.
  • Cleanliness: The interior of the car should be tidy so that passengers feel comfortable. A tidy trunk and clean seats are expected.
  • Willingness to talk: Some people want to chat a lot, others prefer to listen to music or sleep, so make sure you communicate your preferences before the trip.
coseats.com also allows you to view and leave reviews for anybody you want to carpool with. Reviews make ridesharing safer and more convenient for everyone, so please leave a review after your trip. As a general rule, try to get to know the other person before the trip. A short phone call or Whatsapp chat can go a long way to get a feel for the person you are planning to share your journey with and don't forget to check our rideshare safety tips before you depart.

Safe travels and happy holidays!