Thursday, June 9

4WD Camper Relocation Experience and Tips: Perth to Broome

Lisa Sherry, a Coseater who recently relocated a 4WD Camper via Coseats, travelling along the West Coast from Perth to Broome, shared her experience and tips with us for anyone else planning a road trip in Australia.  

We had the best time in this car! It was just my partner and I and it was a treat to drive on the West Coast. 

Although we didn't have time to see everything, with only 5 days to drive 2600km, we loved the bay beach and the general landscape of the Wild West outback. 

4WD Camper on the Beach

Driving long hours on the road can be challenging, but we split the driving so it wasn't too hard on us and one thing that kept me entertained and alert on the road was the beautiful scenery. 

Another challenge we faced was setting up the tent in the dark and cooking dinner in the darkness - but we love a challenge! (And at least the view made it worth it).

4WD Camper Perth to Broome Sunset

Our top tips for anyone else planning a road trip in Australia are to:
  • Set out from the start what you want to see the most so you can get the most out of your trip
  • Calculate how long the distances are to make sure you have enough fuel and know if you’ll get to your next camping spot before dark
  • Make a good playlist! There is no radio on the road so it can be a long drive
  • Now this may seem like high maintenance, but a table and chair is kind of necessary!
  • It goes without saying but make sure you have enough gas
  • There are flies all over you in the outback, so be prepared, but the good news is that they go when the sun sets
Travelling in this way gave us so much freedom; we had a super comfy tent on top and our kitchenette had everything we needed. That was the thing we loved most about travelling by camper - we had so much freedom to stop and go whenever and wherever we wanted! We got to see what was most important to us and I would highly recommend this camper and experience to anyone.

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