Wednesday, 16 March 2016

10 Great Road Trip Games

What better way to spice up a road trip and bond with your travel mates than with a few games to keep everyone on their toes and liven up the long journey (very long in some instances in Australia)! Below are 10 great road trip games to play on your long trips.

  1. Two Truths, One Lie
  2. This is a great game for getting to know your travel mates!  The first player has to list 3 facts about themselves - two of which are true and one which is a lie. The other players need to guess which fact is a lie. For every player that is fooled, the fact giver gets a point and for every player that guesses correctly, that player gets a point. Then the next person goes. 

  3. The Alphabet Game
  4. Pick a category (for eg. Animals) and take turns at listing animals in order of the alphabet. The first person to say the same animal twice or can’t think of an animal loses. 

    Example: Player 1 – alpaca, Player 2 – baboon, Player 3. cat etc.  

    Variations: You can make this more interesting by finding a word written somewhere instead (on a vehicle, billboard, road sign, etc) and call it out.

    Alternatively, start the next word with the last letter of the last word spoken. For example, say the first person starts with elephant, the next person would have to say an animal that begins with “t”.

  5. The Name Game
  6. This game is all about famous people. The first person says a famous name and the next person has to say a famous name that start with the first letter of the last name. The first person to say the same name twice or can’t think of a name loses. 

    Rules: If the two names start with the same letter (eg. Janet Jackson), then the order of the next play is reversed (eg. If you started the game playing clockwise, it would now be anti-clockwise).

    Example: Player 1 - Anne Hathaway, Player 2 -Hulk Hogan, Player 1 again – Heidi Klum. etc. 

  7. 20 questions
  8. Everyone should know this one! One person chooses something (an animal, a person, a vehicle etc) and everyone else has 20 attempts to ask a yes or no question to figure out what the person is thinking of. The first one to guess what the “thing” is wins.

  9. I Went to a Market
  10. This is a memory game where the first player starts with ‘I went to the market and brought [insert item here]’ and the next person has to copy that item and add another. 

    Example: Player 1 – I went to the market and brought an apple, Player 2 – I went to the market and brought an apple and a carrot etc

  11. Would you rather?
  12. In this game everyone takes turns asking whether the other person would prefer to do one thing or another (this can be as horrifying, gross or extreme as you like).  The choices can also lead to some interesting discussions and can also lead to getting to know your travel mates better.

  13. Coloured car
  14. Everyone picks a colour and starts counting the number of cars they see in that colour. The one with the most cars wins. 

  15. Counting Cows
  16. Split into two teams (the left and right side of the car) and start counting the number of cows you see on the side you’re on. If you pass a cemetery on your side then your team has to ‘bury’ their cows and start over again. The team with the most cows wins.

    Variation: You can always change the game so that instead of cows you’re counting cars, sheep or anything else that you want. 

  17. Name that tune 

  18. If you’re more musically inclined, this game will test your skills (both at guessing and at humming)! The first player start humming a song and the others need to guess the song. The first person to guess wins. 

  19. Word Association
  20. Someone begins with a word and the next person has to think of a word that is associated to that word.  The first one to say a word that is not associated or can’t think of anything loses.  
    Example: fairy, Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, pans, kitchen, refrigerator etc.
To make the games more interesting you can add your own rules, specify your own time limits for answers or create a variation of the game. 

What other games have you found to be great for a road trip?