Friday, March 4, 2016

Where to see Kangaroos

Unlike Sydney, Byron Bay or Uluru, Canberra may not be on your list of travel destinations, but after living and traveling around Australia for 14 years, I have to say there is no better place to hang out with kangaroos and see a little Joey peek out of mum’s pouch than Canberra! So if you’re in Sydney looking for a way to get to Canberra for a visit, jump on a bus or find a lift on Alternatively, check for flights or, if you have time to spare, check our camper relocation offers from Sydney to Melbourne (or the other way round) and spend one day in Canberra to watch some kangaroos. You’ll love it! So where exactly can you see them? Well, it’s not an enclosed zoo and they do hop around freely but Farrer Ridge, Mount Madura, Mount Taylor and Red Hill are all great places to see them. They mostly hang around the grassy areas around the top of those mountains so park your camper, find one of the many beautiful walking tracks and start hiking up the mountain for about 30 – 60 minutes. I’m sure you’ll see one. Actually, if you spot one, you’ll end up seeing many because they love hanging out together and watching out for each other.

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